Michael Conway is a freelance visual artist from Chicago, born on the south side and currently

living in the city’s Albany Park neighborhood with his wife and cat. Humor

is central to his body of work, around which fantasies, scenes from life, popular culture, and

punk culture are presented in tangents, either seamlessly woven or forcibly bent.


Michael’s practice is driven by an obsession with drawing. His current project is a series in

which he completes a drawing every day during 2014 and post it to various social media outlets.

These drawings have become the foundation for his recent work. As of this time, the project

has spawned 5 zines, an assortment of silk screened posters, photographs, and self-contained

drawing series’. The recurring themes lend a journal-esque quality to the project, while the

immediate public exposure asserts that each entry is part of a conversation. These drawings

are posted to his Facebook page, as well as on Instagram (@michaelfinnconway), Twitter

(@michaelfconway), and Tumblr (michaelfinnconway.tumblr.com)